Aging Your Way: Considering Your Future Needs & Preferences

Whether you're a healthy retiree planning for the future or managing a life-altering situation, we can help you put a plan in place so you can proactively address challenges and concerns on your own terms. 
The Theia Care Consult has been created to provide guidance, reassurance, and best practices as you begin to put your plan in place.

Have You Considered The Following When Thinking About Your Future?


What can you do now to enhance your chances of the best quality of life as you age?
Will your current home allow you to age safely in place there?
Is where you plan to retire a place that can support advanced aging?
Longer term, do you see yourself aging in your home, or would you prefer a community?
Is traditional Medicare coverage better for me than a Medicare Advantage Plan?
Is the person you have assigned as your healthcare proxy aware of your wishes?
Are you concerned about your ability to care for your spouse as you both age?
Do you expect family members to act as your caregivers?
If you had a medical emergency, could you locate all your critical document quickly?
Who would act as your advocate in the event of a healthcare emergency?


If you should need in home care services would you prefer to hire privately or through an agency?
Do you have a plan in place to address cognitive decline?



Theia Care Consult

An essential tool to ensure you have a proactive plan in place

For a nominal set fee, this consult includes a discussion with one of Theia’s expert Client Coordinators to:

      • Provide a forum for you to share the details regarding your needs and wishes

      • Identify key issues to be addressed

      • Customize a strategic plan to "Age Your Way"

When decisions must be made, Theia offers transparent data.

When the need for help comes, Theia assists you.

When it is time to act, Theia executes and manages the details, allowing you to focus on what's important to you.