Are you concerned about an aging loved one?

What can you actually do if you are worried about the safety and well-being of an aging loved one?
In response to the challenges our clients have faced, The Theia Care Consult has been created to provide reassurance, guidance and best practices to those caregivers in need.

Are you overwhelmed or concerned with?


Your loved one dealing with social isolation
Exacerbated symptoms of dementia
Ensuring a Long-Term Care facility is adequately addressing needs 
The ability to order, receive and dispense necessary medications
A plan if a home care provider is needed
Managing caregiving from afar
Best ways to prepare should an emergent situation arise
Managing your own stress if you are providing direct care
Helping your loved one manage meal prep and proper nutrition


Assurance that your loved one has adequate health insurance


Other concerns specific to your individual situation


If you are overwhelmed or confused, Theia is here to help


Introducing the Theia Care Consult

An essential tool to provide a family peace of mind and ensure the best care for an at-risk loved one

For a nominal set fee, this consult includes a discussion with one of Theia’s expert Client Coordinators to:

      • Provide a forum for you to share your “story” about a loved one or a situation

      • Identify key concerns and issues to be addressed

      • Provide a follow up report to mitigate risks and support the safety and well-being of your loved one


Whether you live near or far, Theia wants to help you to be the best caregiver you can be

When decisions must be made, Theia offers transparent data.

When the need for help comes, Theia assists you.

When it is time to act, Theia executes and manages the details, allowing you to focus on your loved ones.